Canadian Association of Language Assessment / Association canadienne pour l'évaluation des langues

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Touchstone Institute is a non-profit corporation that offers expertise in evaluation and curriculum development to promote public confidence in professional competence in the Canadian workforce. We excel in providing competency-based services in support of successful transitions to training and practice that meet professional and societal needs.

 Touchstone Institute fosters strong relationships with key stakeholders to share knowledge, promote dialogue and implement programs with cross-sectoral impacts. Supported by expertise in simulation, innovation in exam technology, and robust research-based quality assurance, we are expertly prepared to meet the diverse needs of our clients, stakeholders, and partners. We specialize in creating valid and authentic competency-based experiences for internationally educated health professionals.

What we do
We work to facilitate entry-to-training or practice for internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs). We do this in a variety of ways:

Innovation in Communication, Simulation, and Design
Working with experts in linguistics, healthcare, education, immigration, and employment to create programs that improve professional communication skills and reliably assess competencies.

Administering examinations to ensure examinees meet Canadian standards. 

Offering programs to help health professionals transition to training and practice in Canada.
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