Canadian Association of Language Assessment / Association canadienne pour l'évaluation des langues

History of the Association

The foundational meeting was chaired by Janna Fox and Liying Cheng in Ottawa on May 26, 2009 at the East India Company Restaurant during the annual conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).

The first official annual meeting of CALA/ACEL in conjunction of a special colloquium on language assessment in Canada was held on May 28, 2010 during the XXXVIIIth Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) Annual Conference in Montreal.

Special Colloquium on Language Assessment in Canada

Introduction and Welcome
Janna Fox and Guillaume Gentil, Carleton University 
Key Issues Facing Language Assessment Internationally 
Carolyn Turner, McGill University
A Brief Review of Some Specific Issues in Language Assessment in Canada 
1. Khaled Barkaoui, York University, Toronto, Ontario
2. Lindsay Brooks, University of Toronto (OISE), Toronto, Ontario
3. Liying Cheng, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
4. Samira Elatia, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta 
5. Wendy Fraser, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
6. Eunice Jang, University of Toronto (OISE), Toronto, Ontario
Discussant: Michel D. Laurier

The second official annual meeting of CALA/ACEL took place in conjunction with a special symposium a special colloquium on language assessment in Canada took place on June 2, 2011in Fredericton, New Brunswick during ACLA/CAAL Annual Conference.

What does this mark mean? Teacher and learner perspectives on classroom assessment 
Organizer: Janna Fox
Presenters: Youyi Sun, Liying Cheng, Christine Doe, Janna Fox, Arezou Kashani

The third official annual meeting for CALA/ACEL took place in conjunction with a special symposium on current validity issues in May 2012 in Waterloo, ON during the CERA annual conference.

Current Validity Issues in Second/Foreign Language Assessment / Les problèmes actuels de validité dans l’évaluation d’une langue seconde/étrangère
Symposium / Colloque
Chair / Prés. : Christine Doe (Queen’s University)
Disc. / Comm. : Shahrzad Saif (Université Laval)

Decision-making Style: An Individual Difference in Rater Behaviour During Writing Assessment / Le style de prise de décisions : une différence individuelle dans le comportement de l’évaluateur lors l’évaluation du savoir-écrire
Beverly Baker (McGill University)

IELTS Preparation Course in Iran: A Washback Study / Le cours de préparation au IELTS en Iran
Faramarz Amin-Lari (Université Laval)

Insiders’ Accounts of TOEFL iBT: Feedback on Validity / Un regard de l’intérieur sur le TOEFL iBT : des commentaires sur sa validité
Christine Doe (Queen’s University), Liying Cheng (Queen’s University), Janna Fox (Carleton University), Christopher DeLuca (University of South Florida, USA / É.-U.), Miao Li (Queen’s University

Évaluation des compétences langagières axée sur les besoins académiques des programmes d’études supérieures :un cas des assistants d’enseignement internationaux en Sciences et Génie à l’Université francophone de Laval / Evaluating Language Skills Based on the Academic Needs of University Programs: International Teaching Assistants in Science and Engineering at Francophone Laval University
Zahra Mahdavi (Université Laval)

Self-assessment in Secondary Language Classrooms: Effects on Students English Language Writing Development and Self-regulation of Learning / L’auto-évaluation dans les cours de langue seconde : les effets sur le développement de l’écriture de l’anglais et l’apprentissage à son rythme
Maryam Wagner (OISE, University of Toronto)

Using E-learning Technology to Deliver a Placement Test: Challenges and Opportunities / L’utilisation d’une technologie d’apprentissage en ligne pour un test d’évaluation : les défis et les possibilités
Heike Neumann, Nina Padden (Concordia University)

The fourth official annual meeting for CALA/ACEL took place in conjunction with a special symposium on language assessment validation on June 4, 2013 at the University of Victoria, BC during the annual CERA conference.

Organizers: Beverly Baker (McGill University) & Heike Neumann (Concordia University)


Assessing French in Minority Contexts: Samira ElAtia (University of Alberta)
The Link between Productive Vocabulary and Achievement and Proficiency Tests: Scott Douglas (University of British Columbia / Okanagan)
Diagnostic Assessment to Support Second Language Undergraduate Instruction: June Starkey (University of Toronto)
Teacher Participation in ESL Assessment Validation in Quebec: Carolyn E. Turner (McGill University) & May Tan (Royal Military College St Jean)
Standard Setting with the CELPIP-G and Canadian Language Benchmarks: Amery Wu & Jake Stone (Paragon Testing)

Discussant: Michel D. Laurier (University of Ottawa)

The fifth annual meeting for CALA/ACEL took place in conjunction with a special symposium on being assessed on June 4, 2014 at Brock University in St. Catherine's, ON during the annual CAAL/ACLA conference.

Organizers: CALA Executive Board
Symposium moderators: Christine Doe (Mount St. Vincent University) & Heike Neumann (Concordia University)

Fox, Janna (Carlton University) & Haggerty, John (UBC): "Reaching students-at-risk: The case of diagnostic assessment in first-year engineering"

Dunlop, Margaret (University of Toronto): "How learners cognitively process feedback concerning French as a Second Language skills"

Wagner, Maryam (University of Toronto): "Development of a Cognitive Diagnostic Rubric for Assessing Writing for Generating Feedback in Secondary Classrooms"

Discussant: Eunice Jang (University of Toronto)